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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  June 28, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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exclusively at the home depot. (vo) imagine a visibly healthin 28 days. purina one. natural ingredients, plus vitamins and minerals in powerful combinations. for radiant coats, sparkling eyes, and vibrant energy. purina one. 28 days. one visibly healthy pet. > i mentioned at the top of the show tonight that we thought we might get more information over the course of this evening about the mass murder at the "capital gazette" newspaper offices in maryland we are about to get more information from authorities. that live briefing is going to start in a couple of minutes. it's going to be live on the last word which is hosted by joy reed. >> good evening we are going to take that press conference live when it happens. it's a story that's very hard to tell and personal. >> this one, in this business,
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in some ways we're all colleagues. it's just incredibly disheartening and upsetting. but we're about to get new information from authorities there. so we'll see that live in just a second. >> absolutely. i'm joy reed in for lawrence o'donnell. we begin with the fight to replace justice anthony kennedy on the supreme court. it's a fight that can reshape american policy and culture in donald trump's image for a generation or more. the battle lines are being drawn already. the democrats are vowing to stop trump from nominating a hard right nominee. >> when there was a vacancy under president obama, too close to an election, let's let the people decide.
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we're four months away from an election. is senator mcconnell prepared to keep this office vacant until after the election? i hope so. >> we realize the fact that obama's final year was taken away from him. so that was a new standard, it was a low standard, if you will, but it was a standard, and i for one, and i don't think others have forgotten that. >> but here's the problem. democrats do not have the votes to stop a trump replacement from being confirmed thanks to mitch mcconnell invoking the nuclear option they can seat a justice with just 51 votes. and it depends on the democrats holding together. meanwhile, republicans are also gearing up for a fight on a fundamental issue for their base, the court. and they're dismissing their conduct from 2016 with president obama's then nominee merrick garland. >> this is not 2016 they're not the final months of a final term
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presidency with a presidential election fast approaching. we're right in the middle of this president's very first term. >> today, former vice president joe biden, the long time leader of the senate judiciary committee said in normal times the president would look for a consensus candidate who can get votes from both parties but we are not in normal times. so biden said it's up to us america. speak up and be heard. democrats report they want the supreme court battle waged on the policy stakes. democrats appear, quote, poised to motion to appoint an aggressive public relations campaign should they confirm an ultra right conservative justice. people should understand this nominee will be there for decades to come, for our lifetime. and the consequences for the
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nation couldn't be higher. our friend ron klain who helped oversee justices under clinton and obama told the daily beast they should frame the debate around abortion rights. to push hard on susan collins and lisa murkowski. a sign that the white house recognizes the importance of those senators, nbc news is reporting tonight that white house council don mcgahn reached out to susan collins and lisa murkowski to discuss the vacancy. the two confirmed the call to nbc news. and sarah sanders tweeted senators collins and murkowski
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met with donald trump tonight to discuss the future of the supreme court. she also says, quote, potus team also talked with more than a dozen other senators today as part of an outreach to get views and advice from both sides of the aisle. so we're still very early in the nomination process and the strategy of the two sides are still being worked out. one thing is certain. the people who may ultimately have the most power to influence who becomes the next nominee to the supreme court are the american people. as joe biden said today, the price to be paid for putting our values at risk must be clear now. joining us now christopher khang, now the chief council of demand justice, and also joining us jason johnson politics editor at the and kareem gene pierre. >> i'm going to start with you because you organized the rally today been i feel the democrats are staking much of their early messaging looking for
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consistency out of mitch mcconnell and holding him to things he said in the past. that's not the way he operates so absent some sudden repair to precedent and a completely uncharacteristic one, what else could democrats do? >> i think it's all well and good to talk about the process and the hypocrisy of senate republicans now but we know they don't care about consistency or rules. so we have to fight this fight on the substance we have to talk about the stakes and the access to abortion, this is about the criticalization to abortion. if roe versus wade is overturned they're talking about arresting women and their doctors. they're putting children in cages they're not going to stop putting women in jail. >> he said there should be consequences for women having
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abortions. this is the issue for the right. this is what they vote on. >> yes. >> here's susan collins who a lot of democrats are putting their hope in. here she is talking about roe. >> one of the questions i always ask is do they respect precedent? what is their view toward precedent? from my perspective, roe v wade is an important precedent, and it is settled law. >> here she is talking about her meeting with don mcgahn. okay. i told him there are several well qualified people on the list whom i've supported. there's one person on the list who i voted against and i urged him to broaden the search beyond the list which is not to say there are not good people on the list. those are a lot of words, i'm not sure they mean a lot. are democrats foolish to put their hopes in lisa murkowski and susan collins. >> i don't think they are foolish. can i say this? mitch mcconnell just plays in the gutter. you cannot trust mitch mcconnell. the rules for mitch mcconnell
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work only when he says so. so we -- that's just not going to work right there. i go back to a year ago, we talked about this earlier joy, which was happening, the aca, the skinny repeal, last july, and people didn't think we were going to stop that. they thought for sure obamacare is going to be repealed, it wasn't going to hold. who were the three people that voted no? mccain was the dramatic one so we remember that one, but it was also collins and murkowski.
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no one thought that was going to happen, what happened is people spoke up. they flooded the lines, went to town halls. went to the capital, to the offices of the members and they did not stop. it was amazing to see the energy behind that. we have to double down and do the same. just like biden said, speak up, rise up, be heard. that's the only way this is going to convince collins and murkowski, don't be on the wrong side of history here. >> if democrats can somehow pull off getting these senators to go along with not giving the 51 votes. there are other people who are talking about bringing the senate to a halt, which you need all the democrats to go along with. let me introduce you to high dy heitkamp, she voted for governor such. i stressed the importance of nominating someone to the supreme court who's pragmatic, fair, compassionate. committed to justice. who thinks donald trump is going to do any of those things? >> i don't trust any of these people. i don't trust the democrats, republicans, i don't trust mitch mcconnell. he's a cancer on american policy. people are going to have to scream and complain.
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they're going to have to do what we did about the border. they're going to have to do what we did about the aca, that is the only way the most adee logical -- he's going to pick someone that's the youngest person he can so they'll be there for my great grandchildren to see. here's the issue, this is a marathon, not a sprint. they have five, six seven people they're going to want to push through. it's not just about stopping the first person. it's about stopping as many people as possible until november 9th when people vote. if this can turn into voting behavior. >> that's my challenge. democrats and democratic leaders do not get passionate about the supreme court. it is the right that believes that they are attempting to stop abortion. in their mind, this is their fundamental reason for being, is to stop abortion from being legal.
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where on the democratic side it's hard to get people about the supreme court side -- i think the press conference is going to start. hold that thought. we're going to go to the press briefing about the shooting in maryland. >> we wanted to have this press conference again to give you an update on some information we can put out about the victims so we can start that healing process. i'll introduce our acting chief krampf and then we'll have jen corbin again from mobile crisis that will talk about the healing process with the victims and families. >> as i stated earlier today, we are in the second phase, this is our investigative process. we're going to bring some information to you that we can confirm. before i give you the information on the victims, i want to say something about social media. the anne arundel county police department is very aware of what
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information you have on social media. but we have an obligation and responsibility to these victims that we get it right and we only get to do that once. so i can't confirm what's on your social medias. i can only tell you what our investigation has confirmed, and i'm going to share the names of our five victims with you now. first victim's name is wendy winters. second victim is rebecca smith. third victim is robert hiason. fourth victim is gerald feshman and the fifth victim is gerald macnamara. so what i'd like to say about this is at this point, our investigative portion of this kind of breaks off into two different areas. one is the person of interest that we do have in custody.
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that person of interest is being interviewed as we speak by our criminal investigation division. we do not believe, and we know through the investigation that there are no further threats, no further threats to the "capital gazette" newspaper or to the area around 888 bestgate road. what i also would like to tell you is that the anne arundel county police department, with our partners throughout anne arundel county government, annapolis city, the state, we work very well together. we have the best interests and well being of our victims in mind. we have a line for anne arundel county that number is 410-768-5522, and i would urge any persons who witnessed anything that occurred this
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evening, were walking by the address of 888, was near the address, who just needs someone to speak to, i would urge them to call that line. jen corbin will have additional staff ready for this evening, for any influx of phone calls. and i'm going to allow her to explain the warm line and the issues behind that in a second. i want to end on this. we have a responsibility and an obligation to these victims. everyone in the anne arundel county police department and all of our allied agencies, all of our government officials, we are deeply saddened by what happened today. we are deeply saddened that we had to make those notifications. and we are deeply saddened that a person had to take this into his own hands and this is the result. so i'm going to bring jen corbin up and we'll talk about the warm line again. >> can you tell the names again?
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>> good evening. to explain what happened, my staff has been here since this occurred. we have been involved in the reunification of witnesses to their families, as long as with notifying the families of the people who have lost their lives. for the warm line, basically what we're asking is anyone who spoke with us today or anybody who maybe did not make contact with us through investigations, that they can reach out through that number. we have licensed clinicians on 24 hours a day, we will come out and help you in any way possible. what i'm going to ask is that we're not using that number to call for information on the investigation. that is not what this number is for. this number is for people who have witnessed and might need assistance getting through the trauma piece of this. we are not asking you to call
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and ask questions about which family members are where, or us to give comments on the investigation. we are here to help. so that number is for family and witnesses to call in. we will be available all night long. we can come out if people need it or discuss how people are doing by phone. thank you. >> so again that's the information we have. to hold true to what we said in the beginning of this, as soon as we have information we'll get it out. that was the purpose of calling this press conference. again that warm line number is 410-768-5522. so that's the number to call for anyone that needs assistance and needs to talk to somebody for support. >> thank you. so the first is wendy winters. >> joining us now is nbc news correspondent hans nichols. we have the names of the victims now, those families have been
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notified. tell us what else we now know, if anything, about this gunman. >> well, we just learned from law enforcement here that he is being -- the suspect is being interrogated. that doesn't mean e he's cooperating but he's still being interrogated. they've also determined this entire region here, you can see cars going back and forth is now no longer under threat. we learned quite a bit of what went down this afternoon. the alleged suspect, gerald ramos came in, a late 30s male, came in with smoke grenades and he had a vendetta against the newspaper, "capital gazette," he filed a suit against them about defamation. he lost that suit. he went in intent on targeting and killing certain individuals. weo no the name of those five i think the task for law enforcement tonight is try to figure out if there were any missed signals. what was this individual's social media profile? how direct and explicit were his threats because once the threat
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became manifest and the shooting starting, law enforcement reacted swiftly, within 60 to 90 seconds. it's a reminder, an indication of how much experience and training law enforcement all across this country now has for active shooters. they were able to stop him. he did not put up a fight but not before he took the lives of five journalists who were doing their job. >> thank you so much. joining us now is jim cavanaugh. jim, what do you glean from what we know so far? this is somebody who had a vendetta specifically against this newspaper, having filed a lawsuit against them, allowed himself to be taken alive however. >> right. this thing went on for years sim erring with this guy. it's a revenge motive. he wanted to get back at the gazette because they wrote a
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story about when he pled guilty to harassment charge in 2011. you can imagine every reporter in the world writes about these. so it's a routine story. he went after them for defamation. and lost his appeal in a circuit court last week. so he's a man choking on an empty grudge. they're saying he's not cooperating so far. but the baltimore sun is talking about he had a tweeter feed out talking about the corrupt corpses of the gazette in resent cent days. what a great job they did, they caught him at the scene, got his postings on twitter, which may be better than a confession in the long run if they tie it right to him, they got a strong case. but that's not going to bring back these five great people, these journalists and newspaper employees we lost today. it's just heart breaking.
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>> i think a lot of people were drawing an inward breath, the idea some of these people, some of whom were tweeting out their own fears. can you walk us through what an investigation like this would be like. you have the suspect, whether or not he's cooperating. how are law enforcement able to get control of the social media? what's that process of investigating a case like this. >> the commanders have set a lot of that in motion. they're doing a search warrant at his house in maryland they have detectives on scene, special agents executing that warrant and looking for, taking i'm sure his laptop and electronic devices. he didn't have identification on him and the police said his fingerprints might be disfurged on purpose. that could be. i had a lot of guys that worked
10:21 pm
as mason and concrete work and their fingers were disfigured from the acid, from their employment. sometimes it's occupational, but it can be deliberate. he didn't have an id with him. maybe he's trying to not cooperate with the detectives. but he put out enough stuff on twitter. this feud's long standing. the evidence is clear. the old proverb joy, when you set out on a journey for revenge, dig two graves. the evidence is strong and he'll never get out of a prison. so it's a sad, sad case but he was known, there was leakage on the guy, all supervisors and managers and leaders of whatever your facility is think about even taking some minor steps for security, locked doors, use buzzers have video surveillance. let the police know about people
10:22 pm
in disputes with you. do little things if you can't do big things but never do nothing. always do something to try to interrupt these things. >> we're seeing some of the employees at the gazette walking out. that sort of now familiar march we see people with hands up after one of these situations, whether it's a school, theatre, and now a work place. i think what a lot of people are wondering, is there any way to tell how and whether somebody goes from being disgruntled or angry, you know being angry at either their classmates or their work mates to being this? because it does seem to happen with disturbing frequency
10:23 pm
unfortunately in america. >> that's a good question. and mental health professionals can tell. when you get someone like this who will not let something go for years and years that a normal person would say, you know, what are you talking about? you're angry because the newspaper wrote a story when you pled guilty in court to harassment? so it's someone choking on an empty grudge sometimes and they just don't let it go. it's beyond normal. that's a sign usually that something is usually wrong. people can get mad at a lot of things in business, with courts, newspapers, law enforcement, but when it seems real unusual, this guy we know he's had arrest. interactions with people never getting along, thrown out of restaurants that kind of thing. those people just percolate along in society going from one conflict from the next. they're like a swirling vortex of trouble. they're the people you see in road rage incidents and fights all the time -- into their
10:24 pm
adulthood i'm not talking about a juvenile. it will be interesting to see what his criminal history is like and we'll learn more about that tomorrow. >> thank you all. coming up, around the country people gathered in the streets to protest the trump administration's policy of separating children from their asylum seeking parents as the first lady went to the border and held another media availability. and president trump wants to weaken nato, what vladimir putin also wants. the destruction of a cancer cell by the body's own immune system, thanks to medicine that didn't exist until now. and today can save your life. ♪ ♪
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i'm all about my bed. this mattress is dangerously protesters around the country vented their anger at donald trump's zero tolerance policy today and more protests are planned for the weekend. today hundreds of women showed up in washington to call for an end to the cruel policy of family separations. 575 people, according to capitol hill police, were arrested. there were protests at the courthouse in brownsville, texas. in milwaukee where president trump was visiting. and where melania trump made a second trip to the border. after the first trip was overshadowed by her fashion wear. today she visited a facility in phoenix housing 121 children, including 81 separated from their parents. and visited a border facility in tucson. >> i know how dangerous and
10:29 pm
difficult your daily jobs are. so i really appreciate all you do for behalf of the country. and i'm looking for our discussion and to tour the facility. and i'm here to support you and give my help wherever i can for behalf of children and the families. >> joining us now is msnbc. okay we don't have her yet. do we have emily jane fox? should we bring her in? let's bring in emily jane fox senior reporter at "vanity fair" and msnbc contributor. i'm going to hold for me, i'm going to go back to maier if you can tell us what if any impact the first lady's visit had you think on those migrant families today? >> reporter: joy, the focus of her visit, especially here in tucson as we just heard in the sound bite prior to our conversation was really the border patrol agents. when she visited that facility
10:30 pm
there were ten children there but she focussed her remarks towards the agents and the difficulty in doing their job. i was embedded with the border patrol last week and they are under incredible amounts of pressure. they told me we are human beings too, we are dads and humans too. her visit today was a recognition to their work. but on the ground with the organizations working to reunify the kids with their parents and the people working in the shelters like the one i'm standing now. this is a shelter that has 23 people, babies as young as 8 months old, people that crossed the border yesterday. even though they weren't separated. they are having to wait two weeks to make it to the united states. for the people on the ground helping the migrant families and the children, her visit they
10:31 pm
told me was nothing more than a photo op. >> can you walk us through what's happening now on the border for these families? what are they being told to do? >> i was astounded, joy, by what i uncovered here in arizona. family after family telling me they are trying to seek asylum at ports of entry and they are being made to wait up to two weeks. the wait is so long there's an organization in mexico that is sheltering these people and giving them numbers like in a super market line for them to wait out to then go to the bridges. then they spent around two or three days on average at the bridge. it's over 100 degrees here and they're doing that with little babies. it's inhumane. it's a health hazard if you will, then they try to come here and seek asylum. it's a story we're going to look into no doubt and it's making it nearly impossible for these families to seek asylum the
10:32 pm
right way as the administration claims they should. joy. >> thank you for your reporting. really appreciate it. thank you. and today, ivanka trump was at the state department where she helped unveil the government's annual report on human trafficking. which calls on foreign governments to put a halt to the practice. this year's report contains two pages condemning the separation of children from their families. it reads quote removal of a child from the family should only be considered as a temporary last resort. she did not speak at the event and hasn't made any comments about the trump administration policy of separating more than 2,000 children from their parent. instead she spoke out in private saying, quote, daddy, what are we doing about this. and saying now that an eo has been signed, it's time to focus on swiftly and safely reuniting
10:33 pm
the families that have been separated. people who know the first daughter who are now familiar with her silence were baffled as to how she popped her messaging in a major way. one person summed it up this way, quote, it's a point she's overgaming every move out. what we saw last week was just total paralysis. she does know what's right but she's scared to do that. joining me is emily jane fox, the author of the new book "born trump" thank you for your patience with a few technical difficulties there. you have the first lady being sent out to the border to make a show of come pags. this time she didn't have the jacket. but focussing her compassion on the border patrol officials and then you have ivanka who's not doing that. >> it's interesting the first lady spoke out initially last weekend, a week and a half ago now.
10:34 pm
and gave a statement that basically said nothing, but at least she had something to say. and then she tried to go down last week to the border and, of course, the jacket overshadowed her trip. and her trip today was largely a photo on but it shows she has some interest in this. what do we see the person in the white house, that is there to be an adviser for women and children and families doing? absolutely nothing. you don't hear her saying anything publically. you don't see her doing anything. i do believe she has said something to her father privately about the issue on the border, i know from my reporting that's true. but that's not enough when your entire role in the west wing is to be an advocate for women and children. and people who have advised her recently, people who were friends of hers from years ago, people who talk to her all the time say this is an easy layup for her. the first lady paved the way for her. she had to just mimic what the
10:35 pm
first lady said, she wouldn't risk her father getting mad at her, which is something she's deeply concerned about, and she couldn't do that. they are baffled by her silence. as one former friend told me yesterday, this is something that's going to stick to her. >> you know, emily, you just said something that i have to go back to you and sort of recap. that she doesn't want to risk her father getting mad at her. part of being an adviser, particularly at this level, you're the person who can tell the president things that will make him mad because you're trying to improve his policies. the whole world is watching this administration take children from their parents, why is she in the white house if she's afraid of making donald trump mad at her? >> that's a great question. that's why it had been illegal for half a century for someone in a family to serve in a position. that's why you don't appoint your family members because there's that level of inability
10:36 pm
to serve as a traditional adviser. it's not that she's afraid of speaking up in private. he gets angry if she speaks up in public about it. we saw it with roy moore in the campaign, where she said there's a special place in hell for someone who treats children improperly. her father was upset with her. it's not that there's an issue behind the scenes. it's when it's publically, there's a hesitation, is this going to upset the relationship. that's why having a first daughter in a role in the west wing is an issue, and that's why it's been illegal for half a century. >> what is the relationship? is she a dependent, is it business? >> it's all of the above. this is someone who's been his employee since she was born but they are very close at the same
10:37 pm
time, and he does value her opinion. but at the end of the day the only person who can tell donald trump what to do is donald trump. >> politico is reporting that a close friend of ivanka trump and an adviser to her on the issue she was supposed to be conversing on has left the white house, no plans to replace her, a likely push, pull back. was this always a fig leaf? all of this stuff about doing things for families and women and girls, was that always a ruse because what donald trump is doing now in terms of the way he treats families and children, this is what he wants to do? >> it's difficult to say what her exact intentions were. there were a number of times she will go make public speeches. she will go and launch different initiatives having to do with science and technology education. those are the easy wins. those are the things her father doesn't much care about or aren't sticky within the rest of the west wing. those are things traditionally a first lady or first daughter would support. there's no controversy there.
10:38 pm
when it comes to controversial issues, her having to speak up against an administrative position she is silent time and time again. i think it's time we all stop expecting her to do the right thing since she hasn't since she has done the administration. >> amen to that. emily jane fox. thank you for your reporting. new reports suggesting donald trump would like to do something vladimir putin would love, breaking up the european union. sometimes, bipolar i disorder can make you feel unstoppable. ♪
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well, it's official donald trump is finally getting one of the things he seemed to want the most. trump is scheduled to hold a summit meeting with vladimir putin on july 16th in helsinki. the white house statement was vague on the details of what trump and putin are expected to discuss. quote the two leaders will discuss relations between united states and russia and a rangs of issues. yesterday john bolton who met with putin yesterday in moscow and mike pompeo assured lawmakers and reporters that trump will discuss russian meddling in the 2016 election when he meets with putin. however it's hard to believe that after trump continues to say russia had nothing to do with the meddling in our
10:43 pm
election. where is the dnc server, and why didn't shady james comey and the now disgrayed fbi agents take and closely examine it? so many questions. and now comments that trump made about nato that have some u.s. allies concerned. trump told leaders it will be an interesting summit, nato is as bad as nafta. it's much too costly for the u.s. the report said trump made the comment after telling the g 7 leaders that crimea should belong to russia because everyone there speaks russia. and we learned that he made a request to leave the eu. during a private meeting in late april, trump was discussing trade with french president emmanuel macron, at one point he asked macron, why don't you leave the eu and said if they
10:44 pm
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i we worked with pg&eof to save energy because wenie. wanted to help the school. they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know you didn't cut off the light. the teachers, they would call us the energy patrol. so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california. i've said it from day one, getting along with russia and china and everybody is a very good thing. it's good for the world, it's
10:48 pm
good for us, it's good for everybody. >> joining us now is malcolm nance, and jason johnson is back with us. i've created a dealers choice. it's like a game show. choose leave the eu, nato is bad, putin didn't do anything in our election, and crimea. your choice. >> i can choose one? >> yes. >> i choose them all. there's a reason this is coming out of donald trump's mouth. i wrote a chapter about it. donald trump is a spy's dream. by spy master in chief vladimir putin has clearly got something over on donald trump. and i'll say it right now, he is in debt to moscow and he is paying that debt off to moscow. but in 2013 he had a meeting at a restaurant for two hours with the top 12 richest oligarchs of russia when he walked out of
10:49 pm
there, he was spouting moscow's line, he is still spouting moscow's line. when he goes and says you're not a member of nato but you participant from time to time, the u.s. should be like that to. he means it. when he says let's break up the european union, he means it. the russians have told him it's good. he's not going to betray his base, the russians are his base. >> and say crimea should be russia's. we know that paul manafort, his campaign chairman was in debt to the tune of $10 million, a loan from one of these russian oligarchs, an affidavit unsealed wednesday showed he backed consulting work in ukraine. >> there's a lot of rubbles there. this is the thing i think is important. you mentioned an upcoming summit and we discussed, and malcolm and everyone knows this, everyone is terrified of the summit because we can't trust anything that comes out of this
10:50 pm
man's mouth we have no idea what kind of information donald trump will say just bragging to vladimir putin. he may give him the knock list and tell him where the spies are. and one other thing, the russians have investment, right? at this point a summit is really just an opportunity for vladimir putin to stunt and flex on the united states and say, look what i got, because there's not much that's actually going to get accomplished one way or another. so i think the country needs to be aware that when the president is setting up these meetings with kim jong-un and with vladimir putin, it's not to do anything other than assuage his own ego. he wants to create a new alliance of not just oligarchs but dictators across the world that will make him feel better about himself. >> the technical term for that is the axis of autocrats. vladimir putin has got the government of austria has signed
10:51 pm
agreements with united russia. they are almost an alliance much the czech republic, italy, tried to do it in france, poland. >> yep. >> look, this is not going to end well for us. democracy is not in retreat. democracy is under direct attack and it comes partially from the white house itself. donald trump wants to be that other autocrat. he feels that being an oligarch and being a person who can rule without the constraints of rule of law that george washington, alexander hamilton, james madison put in place, is far better, and there is a pool of money clearly that he admires amongst the russian elite oligarch that he just couldn't get with his own effort. and you know what? like i said, he doesn't seem particularly interested in the national security of the united states. >> jason, here's the problem with that. is that the founding fathers put together this country, imperfect though it is, did build in what they believed would be a check on a rogue article 2 power. it's called congress. at the moment, it is completely supine. >> i've said this for a long
10:52 pm
time, looking at this president, his behaviors, activities, the constitution was not written for a debauched human being. they have a naive assumption that we might elect dishonest people, rude people, but would not elect someone who fundamentally doesn't love the united states of america, and that's what we have right now. if congress doesn't want to do anything to stop him, and if kennedy decides he wants to leave and leave the country to a bunch of white nationalists, there is nothing we can do except vote as much as we can this fall and make sure the margins aren't slim because that's when other people will try to come in and mess up the numbers. >> joe scarborough said in an op-ed last year, he said the founding fathers did believe at some point a populist put into power by the mob would come in and start ruling like a tyrant. but he never thought that the article 1 powers, that congress would surrender themselves to be a politburo like the communists, right?
10:53 pm
a rubber stamp policy organization who will do slavish devotion and just let him do whatever he wants to the ugs of the -- constitution of the united states. >> the people who have not surrendered to this are the europeans. it's been made very clear to donald trump or the press that the western powers that remain, france, germany, are simply going to sort of look away from us. >> right. >> do what they need to do together and try to hold the alliance. >> it's going to be incredibly harmful to the united states. we've seen it with tariffs, with sanctions. germany is still the economic engine of europe. they don't want to talk to us anymore. our largest trading partner is canada. it's a problem if we can't get along. mark my words. this sunday, if emanual obvious -- obrado gets election, that's going to be a far left president in mexico who is going to be very aggressive -- >> remember, he has his own
10:54 pm
national interests. >> last point, the russian strategy is very clear here. they've written about it. they've created doctrine about it. they are here to break the atlantic alliance. the washington, d.c. to the european capitals alliance that has existed since the end of world war ii that we lost millions of people to defend, they intend to break it, use donald trump to re-engineer it, and that axis will go from moscow to the european capitals to america as a subordinate organization. >> i think at this point, having now talked about this with you guys for years, i understand that donald trump wants that. what i don't understand, jason, i'm sorry, is why mitch mcconnell and paul ryan are okay with that. >> because they're not going to be affected, because as we talked about, they'll be foot soldiers in gilliad. they're fine, okay? they're perfectly fine with this
10:55 pm
new world that's going to be created. i wrote about this last week. the democrats don't care because they don't fear what he's bringing because they don't think -- because chuck schumer and nancy pelosi aren't terrified because they don't realize that a panel like this is the most dangerous thing to this administration. they don't see if they don't do something to fight, if they keep bringing butter knives to knife fights with this administration, we will all end up suffering down the road. >> when you're not at risk, it's easy to tell people to calm down. i think we're all quite terrified. appreciate talking to you guys. need a change of scenery?
10:56 pm
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i think what we ought to do is stop focusing on 2020. i don't think 2020 matters today. there's one thing that matters today -- winning control of the united states congress, 2018. >> can you think of a reason why joe biden shouldn't run? >> no. i love joe. any number of people should run. but, folk, come back. please, andrea. not 2020. 2018. that's the focus. >> that was former secretary of state john kerry speaking to andrea mitchell today, begging democrats, begging them to get out and vote in november. the supreme court is going to be part of that fight. so it is time for tonight's last word about justice anthony kennedy. >> he's 81 years old, so he's going to go from sitting around in a robe all day to sitting around in a robe all day. >> i never thought i'd say this, but you're only 81.
11:00 pm
you know they say 81 is the new 79. and don't tell me your mind's going because i read bush v. gore and citizens united. you never had one. that's tonight's last word". i'm joy reid. "the 11th hour with brian williams" starts right now. tonight the president appears to argue russia's case that they didn't hack our presidential election. and while that's wrong, the president does want the investigation into his white house to end. but tonight robert mueller continues his work. plus the attempted takedown of deputy a.g. rod rosenstein at the hands of jim jordan. a fact check for trey gowdy and a republican party buoyed by a supreme court pick. and protests across the land on immigration as melania trump makes another appearance at the southern border. all of it as "the 11th hour" gets under way on a thursday night. well, good evening once again from our nbc news headqute


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